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✨Booking Process✨ 

If you’re ready to book, it’s pretty simple! Head to the scheduling page, choose your session and date. Appointments are based on a first come first serve basis.

✨ You can get an idea of the style of tattooing we do based on the photos in our gallery or on our social media pages. If you’d like to make small changes on the day of your appt, you may do so. However, major changes that were not included in your description may cause delays and your session may need to be rescheduled.

My Tattoo Preferences:

✨ Your design/appt may be declined if it’s not something we're looking to do at this time, if it’s unrealistic to put into my own style of work, or if it’s in a restricted location. This includes: feet, lower stomach, lower rib, lower back, or neck. (Side boob placements and sternum placements are ok). Completing the booking form DOES NOT guarantee an appt. If your request is declined in this case (and only in this case) your deposit will be refunded! Your booking form will be reviewed within 24 hrs and you will know if your request is declined within that time. Email is our main form of communication unless the topic is time sensitive, then we will text or call. Please be aware of your inbox as well as your spam/junk folder in the case your request is declined.

✨ Some things that we love to do:

  • all linework 

  • Fruit/vegetables 

  • Nature/mushrooms 

  • Floral- all kinds!!

  • Lady figures/goddesses

  • Mystic/zodiac themes 

  • Cartoon/game characters 

  • Pop culture themes

  • Anime characters

  • Color pieces smaller than 5''

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