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Preparing for your appointment

✨Now that you have your appointment day and time, start a countdown!! Just kidding.

✨Please eat a full meal before your appt and hydrate the days leading up to your appt. This is so important as your health and the health of your skin can greatly impact the outcome of your new tattoo. 

✨ Please wear dark clothing to your appt. We cannot be responsible for clothing that may be ruined by ink or stencil transfer. In the days leading up to your appointment, please avoid sun exposure or self tanner. We cannot tattoo over sunburnt skin. Also, be mindful of your plans following getting a new tattoo. You will need to avoid sun/uv and water exposure in the first 2-4 weeks of getting a tattoo. We want your new tattoo to look as good as possible, so please follow the aftercare instructions for the best healing result! 😁

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