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  • Pet portrait 1-1.5": $250

  • Small writing or Name (4" length max)(no objects or shapes): $100

  • 1-2": $125

  • 3": $175

  • 4": $225

  • 5": $275

  • 6": $350

  • 7": $425

  • 8": $550

  • 9": $700

  • 10-11”: $800

  • 12-13”: $950

  • 14-15”: $1200

  • Full hip/thigh: $1400

Deposit amounts vary by the size of the tattoo and are applied to the cost of your tattoo:

1-4” size- $50 deposit 

5-7” size- $100 deposit 

8-11” size- $150 deposit

12”-15”size- $200 deposit 

Full hip/thigh- $250 deposit


Please be as accurate as possible when selecting your tattoo session size. Of course measurements may not be perfect so I will def work with you to understand any changes that need to be made, but please do not book an 8" session for a 4" tattoo because you want to allow me more time. I promise I give myself enough time to do the piece and still discuss anything with you beforehand. ***I do not place tattoos upside down (facing you) no exceptions.***



*Measure the tattoo design or the body area diagonally for an accurate size

*If you’re unsure of the design shape, you may also mark the area on your body and measure the size of that area diagonally. If the design is a circle, then use the diameter.

*If you’re looking for a full area piece, measure the body area diagonally for an accurate session size.

*Have someone else take your placement photo. No mirror pictures, distorted angles, or pictures from your point of view. (Refer to photos below for sizing guidance)

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